At long last…MAI TAI ONE ON ebooks are up and ready to download. New links will be added to the Mysteries page on this website to make your life easier … and that’s what it’s all about right?

What an exciting day it is here on Kauai and in the Tiki Port! Mai Tais will be hoisted all over town once the word gets out that MAI TAI ONE ON is finally online and available to download. Don’t wait too long to get a copy and add to your summer fun.

Things are hopping here on Kauai. The Hula Maidens are in full force trying to solve yet another mystery so don’t get left behind. And remember…those recipes for tropical concoctions in the back of the book? Try them at your own risk!

Time to Toast the E-books

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6 Responses to It’s ALIVE!

  1. Mai Tai One On EBook Links:

    • tikigoddess says:

      Many many mahalos!

    • I’m bummed. Mai Tai is on sale big time as an e-book, Kindle, but not Nook w/Barnes and Noble. For those of us who don’t love Amazon, that’s a downer.

      • tikigoddess says:

        So sorry Sally! In this brave new world of ebooks and publishing there is no telling what
        the prices will do. The e-books are sometimes chosen for these sales campaigns by one
        outlet and not another. Mai Tai was chosen by Amazon last week and it was a surprise to me.
        I’m still bemoaning the fate of bookstores in general as I don’t own
        an e-reader. Will I ever break down? Who knows? Hope to see you in September when I’m on
        Oahu. A hui hou,

  2. AnnieBoger says:

    I just read Mai Tie One On as a Kindle e-book and LOVED it!!! I hope there are many future adventures in store for the Hula Maidens. I loved the book and can’t wait for more and said so in my Amazon review!!! I’ll be telling all my friends about this delightful book.
    And I am so jealous. Wish I was living on the Island. : )
    Best to you in all your writing endeavors!

    • tikigoddess says:

      I’m so happy that you love the Maidens. The wonderful response to them and the book
      is really inspiring me to type faster! The next book is tentatively entitled “Two To Mango.”
      Hopefully it will be out sooner than later.

      You may not live on an island but you can live an island lifestyle in your head. Check back for tips
      and may thanks!