Get Ready to Tiki!

The Tiki Goddess is on her way to New York City. Not quite sure whether or not I’ll be able to find any decent umbrella drinks in the Big Apple but it will be fun trying. I plan to meet up with the wild and wonderful publishers of Bell Bridge Books who are going all out to bring “Mai Tai One On” to life. What do they have planned? A video trailer and other fun promotional pieces.

For now, time to fortify myself for the journey.

Vintage Hula Maiden Mugs

Until next time….Tiki on,

The Tiki Goddess

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5 Responses to Get Ready to Tiki!

  1. betsy says:

    I will definitely tiki on, and I’m looking forward to being held spellbound by the tiki godess’s mystery!!! Preferably I will be reading it on the beach!!

  2. melanie says:

    hi jill, this is big! i can’t wait to read! I am sooooo happy for you… gorgeous picture on the website! love you…

  3. karen sheller says:

    loved the mai tai mystery. Can not wait for another one. Kauai is my favorite island and my husband and I will be there in Oct. We are going to introduce our middle son and his wife to our 3 pm Hawaiian habit Mai Tais poolside.

    • tikigoddess says:

      Ahhh! Mai Tais poolside sounds good right about now! So glad you liked the book. I’m working on #2 right now.
      Those Hula Maidens just can’t stay out of trouble. While you are waiting, you might like some of my longer contemporary
      romances available on Kindle: Lover’s Lane, Heat Wave, and Heartbreak Hotel. They have some suspense.
      Also in Oct. when you are on island, I recommend the Tahiti Nui Bar and Restaurant on the North Shore (if you can get a seat!).
      The inspiration for the Tiki Goddess Bar. You just might catch me dancing hula. Thanks so much, Karen. Aloha!