Somewhere on the North Shore of Kauai near the end of the road you’ll find THE TIKI GODDESS BAR, famous for exotic tropical concoctions by Uncle Louie Marshall, mixologist extraordinaire. There’s a legend behind every drink and each and every one has been approved by a taste testing parrot named David Letterman. Two-for- one Mai Tai Night really packs ‘em in.

As tourists rub shoulders with locals and celebs, the surf hits the beach with a hypnotic rhythm matched only by the beat of exotic drums and the hum of ukulele music floating on the trade winds.

Who knew murder and mayhem existed in paradise?


Em Johnson
Em Johnson—30+ a recently divorced transplant from Orange County California, she came to Kauai at the request of the Hula Maidens who were worried Em’s Uncle Louie was about to go deep into debt and lose THE TIKI GODDESS BAR . Where would they dance without a venue? After falling in love with the island and realizing her uncle actually might be losing his grasp on reality, Em is the new manager of THE TIKI GODDESS and has just about decided to make Kauai her home.
Uncle Louie Marshall
  Uncle Louie Marshall is 72, tan as a coconut and still surfing. At 20 he set off to explore Polynesia, dreaming of exotic jungle haunts, tiki drums and cocktails named after WWII bombers and airmen. Against his family’s wishes Louie married an islander, settled down on Kauai, and established THE TIKI GODDESS BAR which has become a shrine to his late wife, Irene. Now he spends his time working from sunup to sunset creating exotic drinks and legends to go with each and every one of them and logging into a notebook he calls his Booze Bible.
Sophie Chin
  Sophie Chin—20+ is originally from Oahu and bartending at THE TIKI GODDESS. This exotic “local” beauty once danced hula at the Merrie Monarch Hula Festival—but unfortunately when the Hula Maidens found out she could dance they enlisted her to teach them a new number for the upcoming Slug Festival. Looking to change her life, Sophie moved to Kauai but found that trouble seems to follow her wherever she goes.
Kiki Godwin
  Kiki Godwin—65+ is the self-appointed leader of the Hula Maidens and lives to hula. An event planner on the North Shore, Kiki coordinates weddings and parties and spends her nights at THE TIKI GODDESS passing out business cards to the tourists and dancing the hula. The worst crisis Kiki could imagine is the demise of the derelict local hangout she holds dear and so she orchestrated the plan to convince Em to move to Kauai by telling her that Louie appeared to be suffering a touch of dementia.
Detective Roland Sharpe
  Detective Roland Sharpe—30+ is tall, dark and exotically handsome—the kind of guy women can’t help but notice. Not only that, but he moonlights as a fire knife dancer for luaus and parties. Just like Sophie Chin, Roland Sharpe’s DNA has Hawaii’s history written all over it. Though far too young for any of the Hula Maidens, Roland has caught Em’s eye. The only problem is that Em and the rest of THE TIKI GODDESS staff is on a list of murder suspects that just keeps getting longer.
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