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The Tiki Goddess promised this would be a fun site with lots of things related to beach and island lifestyle. So, for today, no more talk about books! (Except to say that Mai Tai One On is climbing to the top of the bestseller list! Many thanks!)

Here’s an idea for a fun and easy centerpiece for your next luau or backyard beach blanket bingo party. My friend Happy Parks designed it and we made a whole host of them for her birthday gala in April.

You will need…a basket (of your choice…high sides work best). We used these small lauhala squares that are really boxes and are available at craft stores in Hawaii. You also need a plastic container of the same shape and preferably one that doesn’t stick out over the top of your basket.

Last but not least you need the foam oasis that’s sold in most crafts departments at craft shops or places like Walmart in the crafts section.

Cut the oasis in the shape of your plastic “liner” containers. Soak them in water ahead of time if you like or just insert it in the containers and “water” them once you have the plants arranged.

Skulk through your neighbors’ yards and your own yard and cut and pick colorful greenery for filler. We used Star of India for its green and white striped leaves. We choose small red antheriums (spelling? hmmm) for color. We also cut the spines out of ti leaves and used them for height. You might have a plant with some slender sticks that you could use or perhaps some interesting twigs.

Easy luau or party centerpiece.

Fill the container with the greens first, evenly spacing them and making sure they hang out over the edge of the basket so your container rim is hidden. Carefully space the 3 color flowers you have chosen and then put the taller “sticks” you have selected into the arrangement.

Make enough for the center of all of your tables and a few more to scatter on serving tables.

A field of flowers...the luau baskets all finished.

Once the centerpieces were in place we threaded one plumeria blossom on the tip of each of the ti spine “sticks.” You can use any light weight blossom that doesn’t wilt quickly.

Have fun trying this easy craft for your next party. I’d love to see some photos of what you’ve done so leave a comment and let me know and we’ll try to get your pictures up through email.

Easy Luau Centerpieces

Have a great party and come back to visit soon!

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